Membership Dues

Membership dues are automatically included as part of the annual meeting registration fees. If you will not be attending the annual meeting, then go to the Membership Signup/Renewal page to become a member, or renew your membership.

Membership Information

As presented in the NEWSS Bylaws updated October 14, 2010

Article III – Membership

Section 1.

The Membership of the Society shall be open to Individuals and Organizations of all Nations interested in the objectives of the Society. There shall be two types of Membership: (1) Active, and (2) Sustaining.

Section 2.

Active Members are Individuals who are interested in Weed Science and who have remitted their annual dues to the Society. Active Members may attend the Annual Meeting, hold office, vote on society issues, present papers on the Program, and will receive society news disseminated by the Executive Committee.

Section 3.

Sustaining Members shall consist of Manufacturers or Distributors of herbicides, Equipment Manufacturers or related Industries who contribute financially to the support of the Society. The names of such Members shall be printed in all issues of the Proceedings of the Society and in the Program Guide of the regular Meetings.