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Careers in Weed Science (in the Northeast and Beyond!)

Where can training in Weed Science take you?

Be it industry, academia, or government…. people with degrees in Weed Science go exciting places! Learn more by exploring various weed scientists and their current jobs and career paths.

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Join the NEWSS Graduate Student Organization

The NEWSS Graduate Student Organization connects graduate students across the Northeast with interests and research in weed science.

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Current Graduate Student Representative:
Katie Diehl at Rutgers University

Graduate Student Representative-elect:
Eli Russell at Virginia Tech


Annual Meeting

Students play an essential role in our annual meeting… the Northeastern Plant, Pest, and Soils Conference!

Opportunities include:

  1. Compete within the NEPPSC graduate student oral or poster presentation.
    The poster and oral student presentations contest offer a friendly and collegial environment to gain feedback on your research and improve your scientific communication and presentation skills, while competing for monetary awards!
  2. Networking and Socializing Opportunities
    Every year, graduate students throughout the Northeast can socialize at the graduate student mixer at the annual meeting, in addition to other networking opportunities as part of the meeting. Check out the NEPPSC site for more information about networking opportunities at the annual meeting when it becomes available.


Student Writing Contest

The NEWSS Graduate Student Writing Contest supports the development of effective writing skills of our graduate students to communicate with a broader audience. Submission deadline is October 1


Weed Contest

The Northeastern Collegiate Weed Science Contest provides an opportunity for weed science students to meet and talk with each other, be exposed to researchers from other universities and industry, and apply what they have learned.

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