Life History Studies as Related to Weed Control in the Northeast

A group of weed scientists from experiment stations in the northeast region collaborated under the Northeast Regional Project NE-42 entitled “Weed Life Cycles, Soil Micro-organisms and Light as Factors in the Control of Weeds in the Northeast” on weed biology research for troublesome weed species. The studies involved detailed field and laboratory germination trials, plant growth and development as influenced by light and moisture, and response to herbicides. Out of this collective effort, nine publications were written detailing the results. The Northeast Regional Weed Control Technical Committee (NE-42), published these bulletins from 1962 until 1986, with Dr. Robert Sweet, Cornell University, taking a very active role in writing these publications. The species examined were: barnyardgrass; large and small crabgrass; yellow and giant foxtail; galinsoga; horsenettle; yellow nutsedge; common purslane; quackgrass; and common ragweed.

These publications contain excellent information that is not available from other sources. Unfortunately, it is difficult to locate many of these bulletins. Recently, these publications have been scanned and are now available as PDF files.

1 — Yellow Nutsedge (Nutgrass) 
2 — Yellow Foxtail and Giant Foxtail
3 — Horsenettle
4 — Quackgrass
5 — Galinsoga
6 — Large and Small Crabgrass
7 — Common Purslane
8 — Common Ragweed