NEWSS Charter

The purposes of the Organization are to serve Northeastern States in:

  1. Bringing together those who are concerned with any phase of the knowledge of weeds and their control and providing for a meeting of these persons.
  2. Promoting a better understanding of the problems and the progress among those concerned with research and education in weeds and their control, those who are concerned with production of herbicides, and those who use cultural practices and chemicals for weed control.
  3. Publishing scientific and practical information of value concerning Weed Science and related fields.
  4. Cooperating with other Weed Control and/or Science Societies and the Weed Science Society of America.

NEWSS Manual of Operating Procedures

  • Addendum 1: Submitting Titles and Abstracts
  • Addendum 2a: Annual Meeting & Membership Dues, Regular & Student Members Form
  • Addendum 3: Criteria for Graduate Student Presentations
  • Addendum 4: Instructions for Research Poster Presentations
  • Addendum 5: Rules for the NEWSS Photo Contest
  • Addendum 6: Nomination Form (PDF format)
  • Addendum 6: Nomination Form (MS Word format)
  • Addendum 7: Space & Amenity Needs for Annual Meeting
  • Addendum 8: NEWSS Business Meeting Agenda
  • Addendum 9: NEWSS Collegiate Weed Science Contest – Rules
  • Addendum 9b: NEWSS Collegiate Weed Science Contest – Weed, Crop, and Herbicide Lists
  • Addendum 10: Position Desired form
  • Addendum 11: Position Available form
  • Addendum 12: Code of Conduct
  • Addendum 13: Graduate Student Writing Contest (PDF format)
  • Addendum 13: Graduate Student Writing Contest (MS Word format)
  • Addendum 13b: Graduate Student Writing Contest – Timeline for Judges

NEWSS Bylaws